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Shut Down the Bus Tours: What Older Church Members Should Really Be Doing
Nieuwhof reminds us that seniors are incredibly valued and challenges this generation to engage with the younger ministries and find...
How to Stay Married When You’re Stuck Between Needy Teens and Aging Parents
Greico provides helpful tips to keeping yourself strong and healthy while juggling the needs of your younger dependents and your...
3 Ways to Participate in Missions (Without Leaving Town)
Hill uses Paul’s relationship with the church in Philippians to show how churches today can also support missions.
9 Marks of a Generous Giver
Olson describes 9 ways he’s witnessed others give with radical generosity. This article gives fresh perspective on how God might...
How to Honor Your Maker with Your Wallet
Mesa interviews financial planning author Ron Blue as they discuss how money often shows a person’s true heart and why...
What’s Your Theology of Money (In 200 Words or Less)?
Mesa gathers several perspectives on the theology of money and practical tips on how to steward your finances.
Christian Guide on How to Pray
Oates provides some Biblical examples of how we can pray and how to make prayer an intentional part of the...
How Do I Know Which Bible Translation is Right for Me?
Barrier outlines the basic principles of Bible translation while detailing the major differences of translations to help you find the...
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Manzon thoroughly explores and defines the basics of spiritual gifts — including who receives gift, how they are administered, and...
An Open Letter to Parents of Children from Hard Places
Purvis writes a powerful letter of encouragement to those who are fostering or adopting children.

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