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Discover Classes

Discover Classes are designed to explore the foundational elements of finding and following Jesus. Classes are held periodically throughout the year and cover a variety of topics as you journey with Jesus.

Not sure which of these classes is right for you? Dave Steel, our Discipleship Director, would love to connect with you!

Discover Faith Church

Discover Faith Church is designed for people looking to take a “first step” here at Faith Church. This class will deepen your understanding of Faith Church and give you a chance to start building community here. Attending this class is also the first step in the membership process as you will learn what it means to be a member of Faith Church and how to get started if you decide membership is for you. Membership at Faith Church is open to adults 18+.

Discover Jesus

Whether you’re just curious about Jesus or you’ve recently decided to trust Him, this class is designed to be the next step in your spiritual journey. This is a space where questions are encouraged as we explore what Jesus Himself said about both finding and following Him. 

Discover Baptism

Considering getting baptized, but have some questions? Not sure how to write your testimony or story of how Jesus has changed your life? Perhaps you were baptized as an infant and aren’t sure what it means as an adult. This class will explain the Biblical significance of baptism. It’s a safe space to ask questions, get answers, and even learn how to write the story of your journey that you can easily share with others.  

Discover the Bible

Reading the Bible can sometimes feel intimidating. Perhaps you find yourself asking where do I even start? Which translation should I use? This class helps to cover the very basics of how to read Scripture and why studying the Bible is so important in our journey with Jesus.

Discover Next Steps

Each Sunday, we hear words like worship, give, serve, but perhaps their significance hasn’t always been clear to you. This class explores how worship, community, outreach, serving, and giving are all vital steps in your journey with Jesus.

Discover Evangelism

Sometimes the idea of sharing Jesus with others feels intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. This class is designed to help you share your love and understanding of Jesus with confidence. We’ll discuss scenarios in everyday conversation that help you point people to Jesus with ease.

Discover Community

The Bible teaches us that God designed us to be in community — not just in large group settings, but in small group settings as well. This class explores why connecting in small groups is foundational to following Jesus. We’ll also cover the key components to ensuring your group is a healthy one.

Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage provides Biblically-centered video teaching from couples who have struggled in marriage as they share their stories of pain, loss, forgiveness, and grace. Groups meet weekly, and class sessions are offered several times throughout the year.

Seeking Counsel?

The goal of pastoral counseling is to bring restoration between people and God. We believe that the answers to life's questions can be found in God's Word. We offer a listening ear and a caring heart that will help you find answers to life's questions. Click below to take that first step towards making an appointment.

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