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Mission: Adopt

Following Jesus means growing and serving. Part of serving is to look beyond ourselves, beyond these church walls, and to the world beyond — giving more people access to Jesus. With this in mind, our Outreach strategy has become Mission: Adopt.

Just as God adopted us into His family, we choose to show that same love to our surrounding community, both locally and globally. By making adoption our mission, we strive to build relationships that point others to Jesus, His love, and His hope. Mission: Adopt has three focus areas:

Adopt Children

Thousands of children are waiting in the Pennsylvania foster care system. As a church, we commit to building community with these children. We commit to providing safe, loving homes for these children to be fostered and/or adopted, and we commit to creating a church culture that welcomes all children, enabling kids to grow and thrive.

Adopt Lehigh Valley

As proud members of our local community, we will share the love and the message of Christ within the Lehigh Valley by unleashing generosity, serving, and partnering with community organizations. We will also welcome immigrants and internationals by teaching English and providing studies here on campus.

Adopt Unreached Language Group

Faith Church currently supports 18 ministry partners around the world because our heart is to give more people access to Jesus. There are still approximately 3,170 language groups that have no gospel witness, no Bible translated into their language, and no local church. That's 270,656,185 people who have zero access to Jesus. As a church, we will identify one of these groups and send a team of people there to build community, share the love of Jesus, and eventually, plant a local church.

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