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Fueled by Prayer
If we are going to serve with Jesus, for Jesus, and like Jesus, we need grace to pray for direction....
When You Pray
Do you ever get stuck thinking about who you are praying to, what you are praying for, when to pray,...
Overcoming Tests
God lovingly tested Jesus to prepare Him to serve. Pastor Joe Henseler walks us through Matthew 4:1-11 and how God...
Follow His Lead
As we begin our new sermon series, “Like Jesus,” Pastor Joe Henseler dives into Mark 10:35-45 and how as followers...
The God of Our Past, Present, and Future
The signs in John’s Gospel show us that Jesus is God. Dave explores John 2:1-11 and how we can trust...
Taste & See
There is an eternity of exploration wherever you are on your spiritual journey. Pastor Joe dives into John 1:43-51 and...
Seek, Find, Follow
Walking with Jesus is a walk of faith. He gives us an invitation to follow Him. Pastor Joe takes us...
To Know Jesus
Who is Jesus? Many of us know about Jesus, but do we actually know Him? Sam walks us through John...
Fullness of Grace
Where have you experienced God’s grace in your life? Tim walks us through John 1:15-17 and how the abundant grace...

Series Archives

Like Jesus
A Study in Prayer and Service
The Word Was God
A Study in John
Gospel Truth
Biblical Foundations of Truth
More Than Enough
A Study on Abundance
A Guide to Credible Christianity
A Time for Every Thing
A Study of Seasons in Ecclesiastes
A Study in Obedience
Peace on Earth
Part Seven of The Library Series: Revelation
Letters of Faith
Part Six of The Library Series: The Epistles
De/Reconstructing Marriage
Mission: Adopt
Nightmare Before Christmas
Fight to the Finish
Last Words First Words
Freedom in Christ
Deeper in Christ
Together in Christ
Follow Me
A Series in the Gospel of John

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