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A Time to Sing
Some of us love singing and some of us prefer to let others do the singing. Pastor Joe dives into...
A Time to Rejoice & Weep
We often think rejoicing and weeping are opposites that are unrelated. However, they are often intertwined. Sam Chen dives into...
A Time to Demolish & Rebuild
We can find peace when we yield to God’s sovereignty in all kinds of seasons, including times of tearing down...
A Time to Start & Stop
Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under...
Freedom from Control
We know we need to repent from obvious evil acts but maybe we also need to repent from good things...
Freedom from Judging Others
We can all get caught in the trap of judging others. Pastor Joe dives into Matthew 18:15-17, where we learn...
Freedom from Comparison
We all get stuck in the trap of comparison and allow it to steal our joy. Pastor Joe dives into...
Freedom from Being Stuck
Are you tired of being stuck in sin? Maybe obedience is the path to true freedom. Pastor Joe takes us...
Freedom from Doubt
When doubts invade our minds, it eats away at our hope and trust in the power of God. Claudio takes...

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