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Second Chances Help
Have you experienced the patience and grace of God? When we don’t extend God’s love to others, we are being...
Live Your Faith
How big is your view of God? Do you live like God will be victorious in the end? Pastor Brad...
Make Things Right
God is our standard of justice and righteousness and we are to love others the way He loved us. Pastor...
The Journey of Leaders
God often teaches us to listen to Him, not in powerful displays, but in His quiet presence. Pastor Joe takes...
The Perfect Leader
In this Easter sermon, learn how Jesus’ sacrifice forever changed God’s presence. Maybe you feel like there’s a barrier between...
The Heart of Leadership
When people look at outward appearances, God looks at our hearts and sees us for who we are. Pastor Brad...
Searching for Leadership
Every person, leader, and government has pluses and minuses but God is the only one who will never disappoint us....
God Leads through Healthy People
When we lose sight of God and His goodness, we follow our feelings and wander. Eventually, we return to God...
Someone Lead!
In this sermon series, Longing to Be Led, we’re seeing how God used leaders throughout Israel’s history. Pastor Brad dives...

Series Archives

The Library Series: He Has Spoken
The Library Series: Longing to Be Led
The Library Series: And So It Begins
Revealed: Christ in the New Testament
Revealed: Christ in the Old Testament
Awkward Cousin
Joyful Loser
Vision Sunday
Mirror Mirror
De/Reconstructing Marriage
Mission: Adopt
Nightmare Before Christmas
Fight to the Finish
Last Words First Words
Freedom in Christ
Deeper in Christ
Together in Christ
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