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Led by the Spirit
We often feel torn between listening to the Holy Spirit and listening to our temptations. Pastor Brad takes us into...
Motivated by Love
As the body of Christ, we are diverse but united in love. Pastor Joe dives into 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, where...
Proven by Works
The words in the Bible matter, but it’s more important how we live out those words. Pastor Joe takes us...
Saved by Grace
We need to recognize our absolute dependence on God. Pastor Brad dives into Ephesians 2:1-18, where we learn that our...
Unexpected Impact
In Acts 19:23-41, the apostle Paul describes how the Kingdom of God disrupts the lifestyle and culture in Ephesus. In...
Unexpected Family
It’s easy to make church about us and what we can get out of the experience, instead of sacrificing to...
Unexpected Assignment
As believers, we have all been called to make disciples. Pastor Joe dives into the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20,...
Unexpected Death to Life
Jesus’ death and resurrection isn’t just an ancient story. It’s a story written for us today that has the power...
Unexpected Transfiguration
Do we trust God enough to listen to Him? Do we allow Him to truly change us? Pastor Joe takes...

Series Archives

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