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Victory Medley
Faith Church Worship Team performs “Victory Medley” from Easter 2022.
If God is Sovereign, Why Pray?
Sproul explains that God invites us into His sovereign plan for us and His world through prayer.
Jesus Is
Jennings uses spoken word to describe who Jesus is for each of us and what He does for each of...
What is the Bible?
Bible Project explains the basic origins, contents, and purpose of the Bible. This is Part One of an ongoing series...
What’s the Purpose of Spiritual Gifts?
Horton provides a brief, yet helpful perspective on the purpose of spiritual gifts. The goal is to better understand each...
Listening to Sexual Minorities
This video is the first of 4 videos by Yarhouse, a physiologist who tries to apply God’s grace and truth...
Six Ways Parents of Rebellious Children Fight for Faith
On this episode of Ask Pastor John, Piper emphasizes the importance of trusting God when parenting rebellious children.
Healing the Hurts behind Your Addiction
Focus on the Family interviews Johnny Baker, the National Director for Celebrate Recovery. Baker shares the story of how he...
The Story of Ian and Larissa
This documentary by Desiring God tells the story of a couple whose commitment and love for God and each other...
Surrounded (Fight My Battles)
Faith Church Worship Team performs “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” by Upperroom.

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