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Adopt Unreached Language Group

Faith Church currently supports 21 ministry partners around the world. And 14 of those 21 came from the seats of Faith Church!

Because we value the importance of first building community with people in order to point them to Jesus, we prioritize investing in our ministry partners as they are the ones building relationships daily in each of the areas you see below.

In addition to supporting these 21 ministry partners, we have a God-sized goal of adopting an unreached language group of our own. Why? 

There are 7.5 billion people in the world. 42% of them have no opportunities to hear the hope of the gospel.

Read that again. It doesn’t say that 42% of the people in the world are not Christians — that number is actually closer to 70%. But almost half of the people on this planet are living in places where they will most likely never even know what it means to follow Jesus.

That means…

So what does it look like to “adopt” an unreached language group? We are still in the very early stages, but here is what will happen over the next few years.


How You Can Help

Join us in praying for God’s direction for Faith Church as we seek to give more people access to Jesus. Sign up for our Outreach Prayer Update to receive up-to-date prayer requests on both our local and global ministry partners.

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