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In The Lehigh Valley

In the Lehigh Valley, this Kingdom Movement will give more people access to Jesus through innovative efforts that extend the DNA of Faith Church.

We will work to create opportunities for them to access innovative online church.

In the early days of Faith Church, we were known as the “Drive-In Church of the Lehigh Valley” where people were invited to “Come as you are and stay in your car.” Today, we want to leverage our online ministry to invite people to hear and engage with the hope of Christ even before they ever step foot in a church building.

We will establish a new counseling center.

One in five people in in Lehigh County actively suffers from some sort of mental illness. In fact, more people in Allentown report needing access to mental health care than dental or medical care. However, we are behind the national average by 127 mental health care providers (or the ability to see 3,810 patients). By establishing a counseling center in the Lehigh Valley, we will begin to close that gap by providing professional, Christ-centered counseling and support services for people struggling with mental health concerns, addictions, grief and loss, trauma, and other issues needing special compassionate care.

We are opening a second Faith Church campus within 25 minutes of our Hamilton Campus.

There are 359 churches serving the 640,000 people in the Lehigh Valley. While that may sound like a lot, the reality is that it would take 156 more churches the size of Faith to create space for all of the Lehigh Valley residents not currently involved in a church. We believe that Jesus changes everything – and we want to create more space for people in our community to have access to Jesus. 


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