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Should Christians Marry Non-Christians? – S5E5
We’ve all heard the verse that warns against being “unequally yoked,” so what does that mean when it comes to...
3 Marital Musts
Chandler identifies three ways we can put logs on the fire of our marriage when the fire is running out....
The Meaning of Marriage
Keller takes you back to the root of what marriage is while dismantling modern and selfish views of marriage that...
The Story of Ian and Larissa
This documentary by Desiring God tells the story of a couple whose commitment and love for God and each other...
Loving My Spouse
In our new series Awkward Cousin, we’ve been talking about loving the uncomfortable. But what about when your spouse is...
I Lost My Spouse: Now What?
Either through divorce or death, navigating life without your spouse is possible.
My Marriage Is Broken: Now What?
The job description of a Christ-follower will help you navigate marital problems.
Single & Dating
A God-centered view on dating.
The Center Stake
The value and purpose of being single.
Sex: What’s the Point?
A God-centered view on sex.

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