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Go and Do: Becoming a Missional Christian
Everts writes an encouraging, inspiring, and practical guide for Christians to further the Kingdom of God. This book challenges the...
3 Ways to Participate in Missions (Without Leaving Town)
Hill uses Paul’s relationship with the church in Philippians to show how churches today can also support missions.
Johnson and Platt capture the foundational principles and direction that Faith Church is pursuing in order to plant a church...
Faith to Advance
A sermon on Acts 20:17-38. Advancing the Kingdom requires faith.
Why Advance?
A sermon on Matthew 6:10. A unified family honors God by advancing His Kingdom.
Adopt a People Group
God calls us to further His Kingdom, so we will adopt a people group and plant a church there.
Adopt Allentown and Internationals
God calls us to love our neighbors and care for those in need, so we will build relationships within our...

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