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How to Be Hopeful
We live in a society that believes the key to contentment is learning to be proud of yourself and, if...
Lose Now. Win Forever.
Contentment may not change our circumstances, but it does change our attitude. Jordan Mosser dives into Philippians 4:10-23, where Paul...
Private Property
Are you satisfied? In his message on Exodus 20:17, David Soloman talks about how we can be satisfied with what...
Content with Money
A sermon on 1 Timothy 6:6-10. Learning to be content leads to lasting joy.
Joyful Sarah
A sermon on Genesis 21. Joy grows when we are content with God and His purposes.
Empty or Full
A sermon on John 10:1-10. Following Jesus leads to fullness of life.
Satisfaction Shared
Satisfaction that is enjoyed is also shared with others.
Invitation to Satisfaction
Jesus offers satisfaction to everyone.
I’m Afraid of Losing Influence
A sermon on Matthew 2:1-18. Christ is your joy when your influence is eclipsed.
Does Marriage = Happiness?
We find our greatest satisfaction in losing ourselves in Christ, not to our spouse.

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