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A Time to Sing
Some of us love singing and some of us prefer to let others do the singing. Pastor Joe dives into...
Someone Lead!
In this sermon series, Longing to Be Led, we’re seeing how God used leaders throughout Israel’s history. Pastor Brad dives...
Play Like Jesus
In our world, we are met with both internal and external struggles. Unpacking Philippians 1:27-30, Pastor Joe shows us that...
Am I Courageous?
It is easy to point fingers at our leaders and judge their lack of courage, but have we actually stopped...
Courage – S2E33
On this episode, Michál Whitehead joins Pastor Joe to take a look at the courage of those who have gone...
Why Sing?
A sermon on Ephesians 5:19-20 and Acts 16:25-30. Singing together not only honors God, but gives us courage and hope.

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