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Turn the Ship Around!
As a former Naval officer, L. David Marquet writes of his time as a newly appointed captain of the USS...
Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer
Using key principles from Scripture, Sanders identifies essential qualities of a leader. He helps the reader identify how God has...
Lead Yourself First
Kethledge and Erwin emphasize the need for leaders to intentionally seek a time of solitude. Citing several examples from both...
Beyond the Idea
Govindarajan and Trimble create a handbook that inspires innovation in the workplace using clear, actionable steps.
Wickman provides a blueprint to strengthening the 6 key components of your business. This book identifies powerful strategies to give...
10 Best Practices of Super Healthy Leaders
Nieuwhof identifies the healthiest habits that lead to long-term healthy leaders. Learn how to avoid getting drained, discouraged, or defeated.
Good to Great
Collins provides valuable insight into what it requires to take a good company and turn it into a thriving, successfully...

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