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The One True Light
What areas of your life need more light? Tim explores John 1:9-13 and why we often reject God’s light in...
Light of the World
As we begin our new sermon series, “The Word Was God,” Pastor Joe dives into John 1:1-8 and the powerful...
Where the Light Fell: A Memoir
Yancey writes of his own journey of heartache, loss, and discovery. The author aims to tell the reader about their...
Faithfully Different: Regaining Biblical Clarity in a Secular Culture
Natasha Crain writes about the importance of holding on to Biblical truths in an ever-changing and developing society. She gives...
Jesus Revealed
God can use anything in our lives to shine His light if we’ll let Him. Sam Chen takes us into...
Condemned No More
Faith frees us from darkness to walk in the light.

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