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Second Chances Help
Have you experienced the patience and grace of God? When we don’t extend God’s love to others, we are being...
Spirit of Testing
The same Holy Spirit that empowered Jesus, empowers us to complete our kingdom assignments. Pastor Brad takes us into Matthew...
More Than Sinners
Pastor Brad begins our new More Than series by digging into Ephesians 1:3-14. We learn that God chose us out of...
In this message on the Pentecost, Pastor Brad opens up Acts 2:1-13. He reminds us that the Holy Spirit wants...
The Ascension
What is the ascension of Christ? In this sermon, Pastor Joe uses Acts 1:1-11 to explain the hope of the...
Supernatural Stories – S02E20
The word ‘supernatural’ can be defined as some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. We have a...
Following without Seeing
Following Jesus means that we take Him at His word.
Miracles Build Faith
Miracles help us see the divinity of Jesus.

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