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Led by the Spirit
We often feel torn between listening to the Holy Spirit and listening to our temptations. Pastor Brad takes us into...
The Perfect Leader
In this Easter sermon, learn how Jesus’ sacrifice forever changed God’s presence. Maybe you feel like there’s a barrier between...
Who Is It You Are Looking for?
What does the resurrection of Jesus have to do with shame? Pastor Brad takes us into John 20:1-18, where Mary...
You Would Have No Power
We all have decisions to make that either lead to death or life. Pastor Joe takes us into John 19:1-16,...
My Kingdom Is Not of This World
In our series, Fightin’ Words, we are looking at Jesus’ last words in His final hours. Pastor Brad dives into...
I Am He
In our new series, Fightin’ Words, we will spend time looking at Jesus’ last words in His final hours. Pastor...
Are you looking for hope in the midst of chaos? In this Easter message, Pastor Joe teaches on Luke 24:5...
A Life of Struggle
A sermon on John 15:18-25. A Kingdom life is painful.
A Life of Sacrifice
A sermon on John 15:1-11. A Kingdom life is costly.
Christmas Bonus
A sermon on 1 John 2:1-2. Jesus not only stood up for us, but He paid our bill.

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