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Saved by Grace
We need to recognize our absolute dependence on God. Pastor Brad dives into Ephesians 2:1-18, where we learn that our...
Does the Virgin Birth Matter? – S4E11
Do Christians have to believe in the virgin birth? Why does it matter? Pastor Joe and Pastor Brad discuss why...
Can I Lose My Salvation? – S4E4
In this episode, Pastor Joe and Pastor Brad get deep into theology as they wrestle through the concept of being...
More Than Sinners
Pastor Brad begins our new More Than series by digging into Ephesians 1:3-14. We learn that God chose us out of...
The Ascension
What is the ascension of Christ? In this sermon, Pastor Joe uses Acts 1:1-11 to explain the hope of the...
Are you looking for hope in the midst of chaos? In this Easter message, Pastor Joe teaches on Luke 24:5...
Palm Sunday
Do you find yourself only looking to Jesus when things go wrong? In this message, Pastor Brad uses Luke 19:37-40...
Death or Life
A sermon on John 11:25-26. Trusting in Jesus leads to resurrection and life.
Love Covers
A sermon on 1 Peter 4:8. Love is what covers sins and changes lives.
Believing Seperates
A sermon on John 6:60-70. Believing separates real followers from fake followers.

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