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Changed By Love
Who are we to judge the sins of others? Pastor Joe takes us through Luke 7:36-50 and reminds us that...
The Cost of Sin
As a collective, we can fall into the trap of rejecting God and the truth. Pastor Joe leads us through...
Life Changing Grace
Do you recognize God’s grace and mercy in your life? Is it changing you? Melissa dives into 1 Timothy 1:12-14...
A Life of Struggle
A sermon on John 15:18-25. A Kingdom life is painful.
Disconnected Achan
A sermon on Joshua 7. Connection grows when we realize our lives impact the family of God.
Enslaved by “Should”
Jesus offers us freedom when we’re guilty of shaming ourselves.
Share Freedom
Life in community with others allows us to give and receive help.
Father Forgive Them
Jesus’s words reflect God’s heart of love and heart of obedience.
I’m Afraid It’s Too Good to Be True
A sermon on Luke 2:8-20. Christ is your praise when you embrace God’s grace.

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