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The Church

Life Together
Bonhoeffer dives into the importance of intentional, devoted, and healthy community within the church. The author writes a practical and...
Unexpected Family
It’s easy to make church about us and what we can get out of the experience, instead of sacrificing to...
Do I Have to Go to Church? – S4E20
What’s the point of church? Is it really necessary as a believer to attend church regularly? Pastor Joe and Michál...
When Christians Disagree – S3E20
If Christians are so “like-minded,” why do they fight so much? In this episode, Pastor Joe and Pastor Brad discuss...
Together in Purpose
It’s important to engage with each other because each of us has an important purpose here.
Together in Generosity
The body of Christ invests in what lasts.
Unique Together
God created each of us unique individually, but made to work together as one body.
Together in Burdens
The body of Christ bears each other’s burdens.
Together in Worship
A vibrant relationship with God is the essence of worship.
Together in Sacrifice
Comparison divides, but sacrificial love unites.

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