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Overcoming Tests
God lovingly tested Jesus to prepare Him to serve. Pastor Joe Henseler walks us through Matthew 4:1-11 and how God...
A Time to Rejoice & Weep
We often think rejoicing and weeping are opposites that are unrelated. However, they are often intertwined. Sam dives into Ecclesiastes...
How to Suffer
In this world, life is hard. But we have a Father who lovingly gives us instructions on how to walk...
How to Handle Darkness
We’ve all known people who are stuck in darkness and maybe we’ve experienced it ourselves. Pastor Joe takes us into...
Live Your Faith
How big is your view of God? Do you live like God will be victorious in the end? Pastor Brad...
Together in Burdens
The body of Christ bears each other’s burdens.
Add to Your Training
When hardship comes, honoring Jesus means we add to our faith.

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