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Killing Christian Drama
The local church can experience disruptions, whether big or small. Claudio takes us into Titus 1:10-16, where Paul writes about...
Motivated by Love
As the body of Christ, we are diverse but united in love. Pastor Joe dives into 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, where...
How to Not Make God Mad
Nobody wants to make God mad, especially because we don’t fully know what God will do if He gets mad....
When Christians Disagree – S3E20
If Christians are so “like-minded,” why do they fight so much? In this episode, Pastor Joe and Pastor Brad discuss...
More of the Same – S3E18
Scottish descent, tattoos, and uni-brows? In this episode, Pastor Joe and Pastor Brad share their lists of similarities. Find out...
More Alike Than Different – S3E17
In this episode, Pastor Joe and Pastor Brad introduce the next miniseries focusing on how we’re more alike than we...
A Pastor’s State of the Union – S3E3
In this episode, Pastor Joe takes the time to share his heart openly and honestly on the state of our...
Together in Purpose
It’s important to engage with each other because each of us has an important purpose here.
Together in Generosity
The body of Christ invests in what lasts.
Unique Together
God created each of us unique individually, but made to work together as one body.

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