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Death is Defeated
John writes about his vision of Jesus in the book of Revelation so that we might see how powerful God...
Peace is Coming
The book of Revelation teaches us that God understands the difficulty of life and the struggles that we face. Pastor...
Following Jesus
What does it really look like to follow Jesus? Pastor Brad dives into Matthew 7:24-27, where Jesus gives us a...
Vision Sunday 2021
On Vision Sunday, we look back on what God has done and look ahead to what He will do. Everything...
Faith for Our Future
In his Vision Sunday message, Pastor Joe uses Proverbs 19:21 to challenge the church to have faith as we look...
Blind or Seeing
A sermon on John 9. Believing in Jesus brings clarity to the greatest realities of life.
Adopt a People Group
God calls us to further His Kingdom, so we will adopt a people group and plant a church there.
Adopt Allentown and Internationals
God calls us to love our neighbors and care for those in need, so we will build relationships within our...
Adopt Children
God adopted us, so we will adopt and love those in the foster care system.

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