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Are We There Yet?

A fun look at characters in the Old Testament and the lessons we learn from them as we seek to grow.

Engaging Jeremiah
A sermon on Jeremiah 29:1-9. Engagement grows as we live and serve where God plants us.
Caring Hosea
A sermon on Hosea. Care grows as we sacrificially love others.
Caring Ruth
A sermon on Ruth 1. Care grows as we actively love others.
Disconnected Achan
A sermon on Joshua 7. Connection grows when we realize our lives impact the family of God.
Generous Abraham
A sermon on Genesis 22. Generosity grows when we see God’s ownership over everything we have.
Joyful Sarah
A sermon on Genesis 21. Joy grows when we are content with God and His purposes.
Hungry Nehemiah
A sermon on Nehemiah 1. Hunger grows when we face difficulty and experience God’s transformation.
Humble Jacob
A sermon on Genesis 33. Humility grows as we forgive and reconcile with others.
Humble Isaiah
A sermon on Isaiah 6:1-5. Humility grows when we have a realistic view of God and ourselves.