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De/Reconstructing Marriage

A study in the foundations of dating and marriage including the purpose of sex, the role of a husband and wife, and what to do if your marriage is broken.

I Lost My Spouse: Now What?
Either through divorce or death, navigating life without your spouse is possible.
My Marriage Is Broken: Now What?
The job description of a Christ-follower will help you navigate marital problems.
Single & Dating
A God-centered view on dating.
The Center Stake
The value and purpose of being single.
Sex: What’s the Point?
A God-centered view on sex.
I’m a Wife: Now What?
God’s description of a wife.
I’m a Husband: Now What?
God’s description of a husband.
Does Marriage = Happiness?
We find our greatest satisfaction in losing ourselves in Christ, not to our spouse.
Does Marriage = Success?
Marriage does not measure success, but creates a partnership to assist in fulfilling our purpose here.