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Spring Giving

Give: Fun

Show a little love to the 8th grade girls of Raub Middle School. Have a gently-used prom, homecoming, or bridesmaid dress sitting in your closet? We’ll be donating formal dresses for their upcoming formal event celebrating their graduation from middle school. Please be sure dress is age appropriate.

Donation & Drop-off Info

  • WHAT SIZES? Youth 12/14 – Women’s XL sizes
  • WHEN? Sundays (April 30, May 7) 
  • WHERE? Inside the East Entrance on Sundays

Weekday donations can be made by dropping dresses off at Reception Monday-Thursday.

Give: Safety

May is Foster Awareness month, and we’d love to help The Kindness Project in Emmaus hit their goal of collecting 100 new car seats for families who are fostering or adopting. All car seats must be brand new.

Donation & Drop-off Info

  • WHAT SIZES? Infant carrier seats and/or 5-point harness seats
  • WHEN? Sundays (April 30, May 7, May 14)
  • WHERE? Inside East Entrance on Sunday

Weekday donations can be made by dropping car seats off at Reception Monday-Thursday.

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