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Play Like Jesus
In our world, we are met with both internal and external struggles. Unpacking Philippians 1:27-30, Pastor Joe shows us that...
Am I Courageous?
It is easy to point fingers at our leaders and judge their lack of courage, but have we actually stopped...
Love Gives Us Choices
We have choices every day. Choices to serve ourselves or serve others. Choices to stay in anxiousness or to stay...
A Life of Peace
A sermon on John 14:1-4. A Kingdom life is marked by peace.
Irrational Fears – S02E01
Every kid is afraid of the dark because they’re afraid of what they can’t see. But isn’t that also the...
I’m Afraid of What’s to Come
A sermon on Luke 2:25-35. Christ is your power when the future seems overwhelming.
I’m Afraid It’s Too Good to Be True
A sermon on Luke 2:8-20. Christ is your praise when you embrace God’s grace.
I’m Afraid to Face the Day
A sermon on Luke 1:26-56. Christ is your peace when everything is shaken.
I’m Afraid of Losing Influence
A sermon on Matthew 2:1-18. Christ is your joy when your influence is eclipsed.
I’m Afraid of Losing Control
A sermon on Matthew 1:18-25. Christ is your hope when your life-long dreams change.

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